Infrastructure Design

Successful fundraising starts with a better infrastructure.

In Atlas, we believe that to focus philanthropic attention and stand out, one must equip themselves with targeted and accurate informative content, written in modern philanthropic narrative.

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The heart of the Philanthropic request, a clear and well phrased LOI can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Atlas offers a well experienced philanthropic writing department. Our content writers make an accurate assessment of the organization’s character and activity, thus creating LOIs conveying the organization’s vision, clearly and concisely.

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Project information pamphlet

A complementary product to the LOI, meant to broaden the canvas, while focusing on flagship projects. A designed brochure which adds visual richness, and helps spread the word of the organisation’s goals beyond the hallways of the digital world.

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Donor targeted website

A “Showcase” for the organization. A space allowing for the swiftest connection to be made between donors and organizations. A platform to stay up to date on the organization’s core projects and the various donation vehicles. In most cases, the webpage of the organization will be looked at during the request examination process. You are welcomed to visit some of the donor targeted websites created by Atlas:

No2Violence | Naveh | Sideways | Maskyot Premilitary Mechina

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Philanthropic Writing

Atlas offers an experienced philanthropic writing department to help you write an exact definition of your organization’s story and portray it properly. A good and precise philanthropic writing serves as a foundation for the entire scope of the foundation’s activity.

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Presentable visual content is the bedrock of fundamental products that get the work done. In Altlas you can find comprehensive solutions for strengthening the organisation’s PR through quality photoshoots and promotional film production, utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience, deep understanding of the philanthropic realm and encompassing vision of the final product.