“Along with a pleasant and friendly user experience, I found the Atlas database to be a comprehensive, professional and, most importantly, focused on the details that enable immediate communication to raise funds.”

Orian Saban, Head of Desk Israel
Bar-Ilan University


Adding new funding capabilities

The basis for successful fundraising begins with locating quality funding sources. Fundbase is an innovative and user-friendly platform that provides independent fundraising capabilities for any organization through exposure to thousands of up-to-date, high-quality funding sources, as well as easy-to-use management tools which streamlines the work process, saves valuable time and significantly increases funding results.

  • Up-to-date profiles of foundations contributing to Israel from around the world
  • Information regarding Request For Proposals, tenders and government subsidies in various fields
  • Up-to-date profiles of businesses contributing to the community (Corporate Responsibility)
  • A Smart Agent which aggregates funding opportunities based on your fields of interest
  • Professional support from our resource developers and informatics


A platform for municipal grants

The road to receiving governmental grants is filled with challenges: from identifying Request For Proposals, through project management within the municipality, to submission, monitoring and realization. GetGrants is a unique platform for locating and managing Request For Proposals and government subsidies. The platform streamlines the process from beginning to end using technological tools and a user-friendly interface, thus conserving the municipality’s budget and reducing the amount of resources invested.

  • Identifying relevant Requests For Proposal based on criteria fitting the municipality.
  • Identifying subsidies (matching) from philanthropic funds throughout the Jewish world.
  • A designated workflow and timetable tool for process management.
  • Manage projects using a convenient and user-friendly interface.
  • A shared cloud-based file library.
  • An option to define authorizations according to the organizational hierarchy.
  • Automated and manual notification systems.
  • Manage extraordinary budgets.