Business Development

The stage of locating information and forming a sound content infrastructure are the foundation to a successful fundraising process, whether submitting a request to philanthropic funds, private donors or crowdfunding.

At Atlas, we realize that focus and assistance in proper selection of the designated funds, suitable businesses to aid with the different projects and resolution of the various dilemmas arising on the way, are crucial for organizations in every field and all stages of activity.

Mentoring Resource Developers

A monthly counselling service by an Atlas mentor. Working hand in hand with the organization, we formulate a list of tasks, select potential foundations for inquiry, examine existing and future work-plans, and monitor the performance and progress of each task.

Mentoring At The Management Level

Similar to the personal mentoring service for resource developers, Atlas has a program designed specifically for the management level of organization that are thinking about their organizational structure and the correct method of change implementation, building a strategic plan for resource development and managing the organization in the short and long term.

Management of The Organization’s Resource Development Array

Atlas’ Boutique Department is available only for five selected organizations per year, for a predetermined period, in which the entire resource development array of the organization is fully managed: personnel training, personal mentoring for managers, initiation and execution of campaigns and donor-relations, formulation and implementation of fundraising strategies and process monitoring. Each program is tailored to the needs of the organization and builds a solid infrastructure for many years to come.

"The Religious Kibbutz Movement is currently undergoing a deep process in order to leverage our resource development capabilities and create new projects. We have developed a broad cooperation with Atlas, which quickly unidentified the methods of operation needed for us to reach our goal: to significantly increase the Movement's involvement in promoting various programs in our kibbutzim. The philanthropic database turned out to be extremely effective and led us to the conclusion that we would allow all of the kibbutzim who are members of the Movement to purchase a subsidized subscription to Atlas, thereby creating independent resource development capabilities. The cooperation with Atlas is highly strategic for the Religious Kibbutz Movement and is constantly expanding."

The Religious Kibbutz Movement