"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

Michael Jordan

עובדים יחד
צוות אטלס

Rabbi Or Ben Shoshan

Active Chairman

A serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and owner of ventures, companies and non-profit organizations in Israel and around the world.

Or is the founder and managing partner of SIBF – a venture capital fund, and the founder and owner of Oxen9 – an incubator for technology companies in growth stages. Previously served as the managing partner of Sherpa Innoventures fund.

Or has 15 years of experience in establishing and managing fundraising platforms in Israel and around the world. In addition, he serves as chairman of the Home Security Fund in Israel and as a director and board member of several companies, NPOs and social businesses.

צוות אטלס

Aviv Cohen


Treasurer of the municipality of Dimona, treasurer of the municipality of Be’er Sheva and over 20 years in the SK Group. Currently serves as CEO of Nes Pan Ltd., Cohen also serves as Senior Vice President of the Baran Group (Management of Non-Engineering Companies) and since 2011 is serving as CEO of Oshira Ltd.

שלומי תורג'מן - צוות אטלס

Shlomi Turgeman

VP Business Development

Shlomi has vast experience in resource development, government relations and business development. He worked for nearly a decade as a financial manager and resource developer in a national organization, managed the Katzrin Development Fund and served as the emissary of the Jewish Agency in Switzerland and Canada for 6 years.
Shlomi holds an MBA with a specialization in finance.

Doron Eldar

VP Product Marketing

Dynamic and result-focused entrepreneur with over 10 years senior leadership experience in deploying new business models, expanding channels, advertising campaigns, formulating effective go-to- market strategies and driving market awareness.
Previously served in various managing positions in startups and companies.

Attorney Assaf Avidan

Chief Legal Officer

Assaf Have extensive commercial, legal and technological experience in international markets and has developed market strategies, defined market and product requirements, formed business and technical strategic partnerships, successfully applied to bilateral and multilateral funding programs for start-ups and has worked with customers, partners and suppliers/sub-contractors from the US, Europe and Asia, while gapping cultural differences and leading to successful results.

צוות אטלס

Sivan Zana

Sales Department Manager

צוות אטלס

Dalit Korsia

Client Portfolio Manager

דייב אפשטיין

Resource Development Expert

צוות אטלס

Yosi Bar

Marketing & Media Manager

צוות אטלס

Ehud Morduf

Development Team Leader

צוות אטלס

Margalit Darwish

Financial Manager


Guy Malka

Development team manager

Hedva Sharabi

Financial Manager

צוות אטלס

Sarah Botbol

Client portfolio manager

Sara Levy

Database coordinator

Efrat Avidan

Database coordinator

צוות אטלס

Zahava Haliva



Bluma Zicherman

Software Developer

Alexander Steingold

Software Developer

צוות אטלס

Costa Shakharov

Software Developer

צוות אטלס

Itai Alter

Designer / developer

Reut Dahan

Customer Relations Manager

Eliran Hodedi

Art Director

Mara Schechter

Senior Consultant


Yuval Halpert

Senior References Department

Sheeran Amos


Chen Leibowitz

Product Manager

May Tannen

Project Manager and Community Relations

Adva Gohar

Secretary CEO

Amit Castel

Database coordinator


Yana Aleinikov

Database coordinator


Aviya Nagar