Our Story

Atlas was founded by Rabbi Or Ben Shoshan after years of active involvement in the various field of Philanthropy. Or recognized the need for technological tools that would ease the complicated task of a resource developer, devoting much of their time to locating, filtering and sorting information.

Atlas’ online database, the only one of its kind in Israel, was launched by a small, faithful team. Within a few years, the Atlas database became the leading philanthropic repository, thanks to technological developments and human knowledge which are the bedrock of the database’s efficiency.

Today, the database is used by hundreds of organizations who find valuable information on thousands of funding sources from Israel and abroad and who use management tools that significantly improve their results.

Atlas employs dozens of dedicated professionals and is a key player in the world of SCOs and municipalities.

The Atlas team consists of entrepreneurs, research and development personnel, former senior executives of third-sector organizations and social activists from a wide range of fields with decades of accumulated experience both in the business world and the social world.

Our Vision

To strengthen the connection between nonprofit organizations and philanthropic foundations.

Our Mission

To develop technological tools that will help organizations overcome the many challenges of fundraising.

בונים טיל
מחירון ארגונים

"Atlas has revolutionized the field of fundraising from philanthropic foundations. As a person who has been involved in this field for years, I can testify that the database saves me a lot of valuable research time and helps me reach dozens of new funds with up-to-date details, all in a user-friendly interface. I strongly recommend Atlas for every resource developer who wants to work professionally with philanthropic foundations."

Zachariah Landau, VP of Resource Development

'Lend a Hand to a Special child' Organization