About Us

Atlas is a social-technological startup company that develops innovative tools which facilitate an accessible connection between non-profit organizations and philanthropic sources around the globe, as well as providing assistance and guidance in establishing and developing professional fundraising infrastructure in the organization.
Our ultimate goal is to empower Israel’s social organizations and to help every non-profit organization to achieve independent, established and effective resource development.

We have unique tools in order to assist and support all aspects of locating financial sources, fundraising, business development and income-generating models. Among other things: An online bilingual database (Hebrew and English) of philanthropic funding sources. This is the largest and most advanced database of its kind in Israel and in the Jewish world in general, which includes an information management platform and real-time updates.

The Atlas team consists of entrepreneurs, resource specialists, research and development personnel, former senior executives of non-profit organizations and social activists who come from a variety of fields, with decades of accumulated experience, both in the business and the social world.

The company was established by the OBS Investment Group which engages, among other things, in nurturing and investing in businesses that have a social impact.

Senior Management:

Rabbi Or Ben Shoshan

Chairman and CEO

Entrepreneur, investor and owner of OBS Investment Group. Or is a partner in the Sherpa InnoVentures venture capital fund and is deeply involved in Israel’s venture capital industry.

Aviv Cohen


Aviv has many years of experience in the real estate field and in various management positions. He has spent over 20 years in the SK Group. His previous positions include CEO of Naspan Ltd. until 2011 while serving as CEO of the Baran Group (Managing Non-Engineering Companies). Since 2011, Cohen serves as CEO of Oshira Ltd.

Shlomi Turgeman

Vice President

Doron Eldar

Vice President

The Team:

Sivan Zana

Sales Department Manager

Dalit Korsia

Client Portfolio Manager

Ehud Morduf

Development Team Leader

Yosi Bar

Marketing & Digital Media Manager

Yisrael Margolin

Project Manager

Elan Gold

Project Manager

Dor Hezroni

Database Manager

Itai Alter

Senior Tech Developer

Kosta Shahamorov

Software Developer

Alex Vexler

Software Developer

Zehava Haliva

Database Coordinator

Noga Shitrit

Training & Support Coordinator

Sara Butbul

Database Coordinator

Margalit Darwish

Financial Manager

Noam Gottlieb

Product Analyst

Ilana Raf

Secretary of the CEO