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The authorities grant subsidies, totalling in over 50 Billion NIS every year, to over 2,700 institutions in the fields of education, culture, religion, science, art, welfare, health, sports and more, while the largest portion is dedicated to municipal grants constituting 25% of the total grant budget. A significant sum, which for the most part goes unutilized with no return.

The lack in trained workforce and cursory familiarity with governmental subsidies often lead to large sums of funding being drawn back to the treasury due to lack of use.

Where should you look? Does the criteria match? Is the due date feasible?

Get grants employs new technological advancements to scan, identify, categorize and display governmental subsidies and Request For Proposals from every government office and corporation. The platform significantly reduces the time used for searching and resources formerly extended for finding information, by displaying properly filtered and accurate information, customized to fit the criteria set forth by the municipality.

Another anchor challenge in dealing with a Request for Proposal, is the management of the process. Countless requests fall short of completion in the aspect of planning vs. execution, where the decision makers are not in the know about the project’s status, which has a direct impact on the project’s success or failure. GetGrants offers unique, designated management tools, custom tailored to handle the tasks at hand and the various processes for governmental grants, from identifying Request For Proposals, through project management within the municipality, to submission, monitoring and realization.

In cases of limited or inexperienced workforce, a team of GetGrants professionals will perform any predefined task on your behalf, from human followup and monitoring through the actual request submission.


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"Since our transition to the Atlas platform, we have been receiving updates every day on relevant opportunities for fundraising in a wide range of fields, and we manage all of our processes and projects in an efficient, simple and convenient manner, all in one place, leading to effective resource development with real results."

Zohar Blum, Deputy Mayor

Municipality of Rehovot

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