Training & Guidance

As in any field, resource developers also require training, proficiency and expertise. Senior resource developers might also need a change in work habits and existing thinking patterns.

Atlas has a training program developed by the best experts in the field. The course provides a proper methodology and a lot of practical tools that will lead the organization’s practitioners to success.

The courses are taught by Atlas’ resource development specialists, who have trained more than 900 resource developers so far.

הכשרות, הדרכות והשמת מפתחי משאבים

Upcoming Courses

February 2019

The courses are taught in English and Hebrew and take place in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva.

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Which will allow each and every person to study at the time and place that is right for them.


Atlas offers an additional of scouting quality potential candidates for resource development, made possible by our resource development course, in which we have trained more than 900 resource developers.

Atlas offers assistance, counseling and placement of resource developers, from creating a correct job definition, through posting and distributing the ad in Atlas’ Developer’s Database, to assisting in recruiting and training the candidate if necessary.

הכשרות, הדרכות והשמת מפתחי משאבים

"The Atlas database reliably provides the relevant information for raising funds. The information is up-to-date and the support staff is always available and helpful. Using this information platform allows us to be more efficient and to find funding sources that match our objectives, thus significantly improving our chance of success."

Yossi Klein, Manager

Children's Village "Or Simcha", Kfar Chabad