Adding new funding capabilities to the organization

Fundraising is a complex task. Some might say it’s grunt-work. It involves coping with rejection on a daily basis, the never-ending search for information and and the constant sense of heavy responsibility for the future of the entire organization. Atlas is here to change that. Using advanced technology, Atlas has established the largest and most advanced philanthropic database in the world, enabling every resource developer, at every level of experience, to easily find suitable sources of funding for the organization, while saving the most important resource: time.

Accurate, filtered and high-quality information that is always up-to-date will significantly improve your chances of success:

The database enables online access to tens of thousands of funding sources, foundations, businesses, government Requests For Proposal and commemorations. It is a vital tool for any resource developer. You will also find tools for managing and prioritizing tasks, as well as a Smart Agent that automatically locates and sends suitable funding sources for you every 24 hours.


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"We have been using Atlas' philanthropic database for the past year, through which we have access to hundreds of funding sources that we have not previously known about. We have been very successful in streamlining our process and have raised over ₪700,000 from sources found in the database. We highly recommend!"

Oz Ben Shmuel, Director of Resource Development

'United Hatzalah of Israel'