Raise donations in digital currencies

$ 300 million is donated annually in digital currencies in a trend that will in the coming years become a major contribution channel among the next generation of philanthropists and you have the opportunity to be there first!

We atlas want to put you at the forefront of the world of resource mobilization and join forces with The Giving Block from the US to open an important channel for you that will allow you to have a good impact on the world.

Atlas is the sole representative in Israel
Of The Giving Block

מה מקבלים בתוכנית

למי השירות מיועד

Organizations in Israel with a connection to donation bodies from the United States, such as PEF or Central Funds, or an organization of friends that make it possible to receive tax-recognized donations from American donors. *** If you do not have the connection to the required service, do not worry,
in Atlas we will help you and we will help you establish the appropriate connection.


חיבור שירות לשנה - $2500

לחברי קהילת אטלס $2200

במידה וארגונכם זקוק לליווי וכתיבת תכנים מחלקת המדיה של אטלס לשירותכם

כפוף לאישור חברת TheGivingBlock והרשויות הרלוונטיות בארה”ב

רוצים להתחיל לגייס תרומות בביטקוין?