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Mapping the organization's assets and resources

Every organization, without exception, has assets, from real estate through existing connections that have not been fully exhausted, to human and physical assets in the that have disappeared from the organization's focus due to its ongoing preoccupation and for a thousand other reasons. We, at Atlas, map the entirety of the organization's assets

Initiation and construction of a revenue model

יש לכם חלום לממש או להוציא אל הפועל פעילות אשר תניב הכנסה אך אינכם מצליחים להתפנות לכך? קטני אמונה לגבי היתכנותם של היזמות שלכם? מודל מניב הכנסה זה לא רק הכרח המציאות בארגון החברתי, זו אף הופכת להיות דרישה מצד גורמים נותנים רבים ולנו הידע, היכולת והניסיון ליזום לפתח וללוות מודל חדש עד הגעתו לבשלות.

Locating Investors

Our business and social experience over the years is a winning combination and undoubtedly fits the needs of today's social organizations. Atlas enables you to benefit from investor relations in general and social investors in particular.

Revenue Model Optimization

Do you have an existing revenue model but you're unable to expand it? Do you feel like you've already turned every stone? Often there is an active model that yields income and, of course, creates value. However, the way the model is implemented in its current format is not being exploited optimally. To this end, we are interested in looking together, thinking together and examining what can and should be improved.

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